The Everlasting Covenant Church

The Everlasting Covenant Church is a non-denominational Christian church dedicated to developing Disciples for the increase of God’s kingdom. Our focus is to help others to see the love of God, salvation through Jesus Christ, and power through the Holy Spirit

On Sunday evening, August 22, 1999, a group of 27 committed Christians banned together to organize a church. This first worship service was held at the office of a podiatrist in Birmingham, Alabama. Arthur W. Agee, Jr. was unanimously selected as pastor of the church. Several men, now deacons, along with a number of others, played important roles in the service and in the formation of the new church. All present were filled with love, joy, and a spirit of unity.

Two weeks later and after much prayer, the church was named the Everlasting Covenant Church. On the second Sunday in March 2000, we held our first full service in a barn/workshop that belonged to one of the deacons and his wife who live in Hueytown, Alabama.

One of the missions of our ministry is to eliminate the alienation often experienced by newly-converted members who often do not know how they can contribute to the gospel ministry. Our aim is to always remind all members of our true mission – the salvation of lost souls in the surrounding community and abroad. We continue to concentrate on building people.

In an effort to satisfy this mission, Everlasting Covenant Church is embarking on a ministry that will have profound effects within the Christian community and beyond.